Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Club WWI.com

RDLee is a host of his own audio show on ClubWWI.com!

It's a cool new show called "The Ratings Are In" where I talk about pretty much everything including video games, wrestling, movies, and whatever else is going on in the world today!

I will also be making the best attempt to secure some great co-hosts in the future that you will have to hear to believe!

My first guest was my good friend and wrestling trainer/booker for the EWF, Cincinatti Red. We talked about his title win over WWE Hall of Famer, Terry Funk, his taste in games, his thoughts on Wrestlemania 25 and much, much more!

Go sign up at ClubWWI.com and tell JG that RDLee sent you!


nailbunny said...

gee.. we lose zah... and get you as a replacement

next aaron wood is gonna run the site

RDLee said...

Well I am not "replacing" Zah, he is still around... and I think that I am better than nothing I guess? lol.