Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Women Inserts Credit Card.... INTO The Wii.

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"Thanks to a member of the internet forum NeoGaf, we have one of our favorite gaming fail stories EVAR. It all began when "HUELEN10's" neighbors decided to get a Wii for their family. Knowing their neighbor was a gamer, they asked for some recommendations on games they should purchase that the whole family could enjoy. Along with a few retail games, "HUELEN10" also recommended purchasing some Virtual Console games, as they had bought a Classic Controller to go with their new Wii.

Here's where it gets awesome.

"HUELEN10" explained to the wife and mother of the house next door that she could get Virtual Console games by going into the Wii Shop channel, putting in her credit card when prompted to do so, and purchasing the amount of Nintendo Points she needs to cover the games she wants. Well, "HUELEN10" got a phone call from said lady neighbor saying that the Wii wasn't working and she needs help. What was the issue?

The woman physically put 3 credit cards into the disc slot of her Wii. No joke. When the credit card number prompt came up on the screen, the woman jammed a credit card into the system, and then another, and then another. There is a Wii out there with no less that 3 credit cards forced into the disc slot because the owner thought that was how you purchase Nintendo Points. Worst part about it, the idiot lady neighbor expects "HUELEN10" to pay for the repairs. Good luck with that."